Sakti Rose, Trauma Treatment

Somatic Experiencing: Healing Trauma and Stress Related Illness through the Body

In my private practice, I see people suffering from trauma from both developmental and shock trauma. I use the technique of Somatic Experiencing to assist them. The best explanation of this technique, when it is used, and the traumatic symptoms it can help are best articulated by Peter Levine. So below is a quote from him directly.

* From Peter Levine (founder of Somatic Experiencing) : Waking the Tiger, and Healing Trauma

Somatic Experiencing is a technique to help people access their own, instinctive ability to rebound from overwhelming experiences.  It can be used to heal past and future traumas — because people can often learn how to prevent trauma before it happens.

No two people experience or manifest trauma in exactly the same way. Although trauma is the source of tremendous distress and dysfunction, it is not an ailment or a disease, but the by-product of an instinctively instigated, altered state of consciousness. We enter this “survival mode” when we perceive that our lives are being threatened.  If we are overwhelmed by the threat and are unable to successfully defend ourselves, we can become stuck in survival mode. When left untreated over time, it begins to form the symptoms of post traumatic stress. These symptoms can invade every aspect of our lives, and are powerful enough to distort the very fabric of our individual, cultural, economic, religious and spiritual aspirations.

◆        These include events that are almost always traumatic : war, severe childhood emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, experiencing or witnessing violence, rape or assault, catastrophic injuries and illness, loss of a loved one
◆        common, jarring, unexpected events that can be traumatic under certain circumstances:
minor car accidents, invasive medical and dental procedures, falls, natural disasters, illness, accidental poisoning, abandonment (especially for young babies), prolonged immobilization, exposure to extreme heat or cold, sudden loud noises (especially for children and babies, birth (for both mother and infant)

Some common Symptoms of Trauma (similar to chronic stress)  include:
◆        Hyperarousal; Constriction; Dissociation; Denial, Feelings of Helplessness/ Hopelessness, intrusive imagery or “flashbacks”; extreme sensitivity to light and sound; Difficulty sleeping; Fear of going crazy; nightmares and night terrors; reduced ability to deal with stress; spaciness; amnesia and forgetfulness; abrupt mood swings; inability to love, nurture others; excessive shyness; chronic fatigue; depression; feelings of impending doom; detached; alienated; isolated; unable to formulate plans.

Trauma is healed through the process of discharging excess survival energy.  Through Somatic Experiencing, one’s nervous system can regain its capacity to self-regulate.  To do this certain elements of somatic experiencing appear to help the individual renegotiate old traumas.  This employs elements of the original trauma combined with strengths and resources that were unavailable at the time of the event.  Completing these patterns allow us to release energy in the nervous system and allow us to live our life to its full potential.





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