Healing for Stress and Trauma in Marin

As a somatic / contemplative practitioner, trained specifically to treat trauma and stress, my therapeutic techniques draw from over 35 years of clinical and meditative practices both personal and interpersonal. Combined with clinical skills, I employ Somatic Experiencing, Contemplative Psychotherapy, and decades of spiritual and somatic personal work to help reduce stress and symptoms of trauma. I draw on my study of yoga, qigong, somatic movement and awareness practices as well as decades of body work trainings including Somatic Experiencing, Rosen method, cranial sacral, and feldenkrais practice. I have graduated and taught at Naropa University in the Contemplative Psychotherapy department, specializing in Maitri space awareness practice, a practice of posture, color and direct experiencing of our wisdom qualities.

Through body-oriented techniques I can assist your journey of healing — healing being the movement of all life towards wholeness.  The embodied response is an organic movement to wholeness and well-being.   Through cultivating embodied resources, we can unwind from the stuckness of old patterns that cause constriction, pain and fragmentation. Somatic experiencing allows the body to release the bound energies of the past activating events and reclaim the organism’s inherent vital life force.  It can be so simple. Relax. Breathe. Rest.

I offer individual sessions on line for all stress and trauma related issues. (See about Sakti for more detailed information).

In the past, I have enjoyed assisting somatic experiencing trainings and am authorized to give consultations and individual sessions on all levels for SEPs in training.